Question poem


What are quiet? Your heart dropping to the floor because of bad news, a sad soul and the last rose petal falling to the ground. 

What are loud? Children shouting for ice cream, a buzzing bee and a lawn mower in the morning. 


What are cold? Holding a slushie, going out in the winter and being barefoot outside. 

What are hot? A dragons breath, standing on lava and a loving heart. 


What are thin? A ants antenna, a strand of luscious hair and someone saying you’re on thin ice. 

What are thick? The layers of a birthday cake, a lock of hair and a Cozy blanket.


What are soft? A cute hamster, a dressing gown and someone talking quietly.

What are hard? A rock at the beach, a thick chunk of ice and the bottom of a unicorns hoof.


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