I would take the sound of

A hotel bar being quiet for one second,

The sound of nothingness in Glasgow

And the sound of my baby cousin laughing.


I would take the smell of

freshly baked cookies just coming out of the oven calling my name,

The smell of a subway following me down the street

And some bins spreading their stink all over the alley.


I would take the taste of

Fesh chocolate swimming past my taste buds,

An apple waiting to be eaten in my papas back garden

And the rage on your Toung when you bite into something spicy.


I would take the sight of

An airport after a very very VERY long flight,

Monkeys swinging around the jungle as if they had lost their heads

And Celtic winning against the rubbish rangers 5-0.


I would take the touch of

The most fluffy cat fur in the whole entire world,

Sand paper being surprisingly smooth

And a baby’s blanket lying in a cot.

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