what are …

What are hot? The pepperoni pizza getting baked in the Italian stone deck oven, and the beach on a nice summers day the water looking crystal clear, and the Lamborghini going 170mph the engine on flames.

What are cold? The bikes when its been raining everything wet and cold, the touch of a snowman’s Icey hand on your back, and the snowball fights the snowball colder than an ice bath.


What are loud? The hair dryer in the morning the waves crashing against the wall and the snores of your pet dog in the middle of the night.

What are quiet? The leaves carefully drifting of the tree to the ground the jaguar sneaking around the jungle looking for food and the tiptoeing of the caterpillar around the garden.


What is fast? The clock  when your having fun, the ball flying across the football pitch and the car on the motorway.

What are slow? The school bell on a school day the deliveryman delivering a package and the clock during something boring.


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