What are ….?

What are happy ? Dappled sunlight by a trickling stream,a purring cat sat on your lap by a warm stove and a delicious cake on your birthday surronded by your loving fmily and friends.

What are sad? A meal for one in a cheery pub ,a cold homeless person on a rainy day and a declined call on your birthday.


What are hot? A bousrous bull seeing red and jumping over a active volcano as hot as the suns core

What are cold? Olaf’s feet and a jelous heart.


What are funny ?A cat sat on a mat chatting to a rat in a flat.

What are boring? Doing spag on christmas day and a documentary on how to make a documentary.


What are easily lost? A loose earing,a very important remote control and a lovely friend .

What are easily found ? Happiness on a sunny day ,a girraffe in a dolls house and a bright orange cup in a grey room .

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