what are……?

What are hot? The blazing sun, beach sand sizzling and the steaming sensation of beans bubbling.  What are cold? The winter snowflakes dancing in the air, The mystical fumes flying out the freezer and the heart of a lonely snowman.

what are boring? Watching time tick by, staring as glue dries and looking at every bit of hair on a head. What are exciting? building a tower out of lego and seeing if it falls, visiting a friend called bob who  made a boat out of logs.

What are fat? my grandma after her seventh tea, Peppa Pig who can not fit in a rabbit hole and cocomelon eating sausages they stole while fireman Sam went down the fireman pole down a hole. What are thin? a sly fox, the mind of an idiot and the feelings of a liar.

what are mean? The thoughts of a villain, Peppa Pig hitting mummy pig with a ball in the pool in a hall. What are nice? Joe Bidens fabulous locks of hair waving in the sunlight breeze while Obama eats his peas in the sea happily.





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