What are…?

What are boring? The teacher snoring.

What are fun? A giant water park and a speedy ride at Alton towers.

What are delicious? A fresh fish newly caught, a soft sponge cake and a warm, crispy pasta bake.

What are disgusting?  A moldy mountain of cheesecake waiting to be eaten, a raw chicken and a terrible toenail!

What are memorable? The crashing waves at the beach eating anything in it’s way and the great, gaping grand canyon.

What are forgetable? Memories of when you were only two, the picture in the attic collecting layers and layers of dust and what you had for tea last night.

What are scorching? A steaming pizza oven, molten magma  oozing out of an active volcano and the surface of the sizzling sun.

What are cold? The icy surface of Neptune billions of miles away and the incredible ice caps of the North pole.

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