What are..?

What are hot? Steaming lava from a volcano, hell’s fire and death’s eyes.

What are cold? Ice below a glacier, a snowman’s heart and a forgotten wish.

What are small? A fish in the deep sea, an ant on it’s hill and the Grinch’s heart before Christmas.

What are large? A giant chasing Jack, a shark in the deep blue and a new life of possibilities.

What are colourful? A rainbow with a pot of gold, Peppa Pig and Suzie Sheep and my mum’s tops.

What are dull? My black socks and a weekend doing nothing.

What are soft? A baby’s skin, snow on Mount Everest and my cat’s fur on my bed.

What are rough? A hard bound book of fairytales, rough rocks by the sea and a grazed knee at the park.

What are Pretty? The petals of a flower and my mum`s smile.

What are Ugly? A Ogre under a brige and a War starting.


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