What are..?

What are boring? The teacher snoring.

What are fun? Lapping up long squiggly strands of spaghetti covered in thick, velvety tomato sauce and watching as Mr. potato head’s eyes get replaced by arms.

what are disgusting? A terrible toenail from the bin and a steaming pile of zebra dung.

What are schorching? The core of a pizza oven and the molten magma seeping out a volcano.

what are freezing? Leftover lamb put in the fridge and the icy surface of neptune.

what are ugly? a terrible toad called Harley and a frog’s face.

wha are beautiful? a shimmering blue ocean and a flower’s pink petal

One Response to “What are..?”

  1. Hmm, love the sound of velvety tomato sauce, a very tasty description! Zebra dung made me chuckle.. what made you think of that?

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