What are cold?

What are cold? A burglar’s heart, the smile of an enemy as you walk past them and a lake in the middle of the countryside.

What are warm? The feeling of you seeing your family and a hug from God when he answers your prayers.


What are big? Stars in the black sky, people’s humongous brains in my class and a smile on a happy person’s face.

What are small? A minute of the day, a little oak tree sapling being planted into the ground and personal space.


What are lonely? A meal for one and someone turning their back to you.

What are popular? Sweet shops and citizens with puppies that come and give you a big lick.


What are loud? A fork screeching against a plate to annoy people and a cheetah roaring at people as they run around jungles.

What are quiet? Whispers which lead to lies and the sound of Autumn leaves falling to the ground.

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