What are hot

What are hot? A Lamborghini’s exhaust as it drives into the sunset, a warm juicy steak after being in the frying pan and a mirror reflecting in the warm weather.


What are cold? An evil villain’s heart after committing a crime, a paddling pool once it has been left out over night and leaves after it has rained.


What are soft? A cuddly teddy bear’s fluff, a soft newly bought blanket and a light, feathery pillow when lying on it.


What are rough? Rugby players when they tackle, the bricks on my house and the waves on a stormy sea.


What are quiet? People at the queen’s funeral, my brother tiptoeing down the stairs and my sister sleeping.


What are loud? An elephant running, a baby’s cries and my dad shouting at me for being annoying.


What are solid? An angry man’s fist, the bottom of a knife and a rock-hard football.


What are fast? A tiger running full sprint at me, a footballer playing a match and me running at a sport’s event.






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