Chapter 1 – Luna and the magical Emporium


Luna has always been adventurous and her father often warned her that it would lead to trouble. One sunny Sunday, she was walking to the shop on cliff street  when she noticed something off about the Emporium. For once, the halloween decorations were up. Without thinking she stepped inside.


Everywhere Luna looked was made of wonders and more reasons to ponder what lurked around the world. She saw a cage of pandas sitting happily with a stick of bamboo in their hands. A miniature version of the Emporium that had tiny doors painted purple inside. An eight shaped lamp that can light up sat on a round glass table. On one counter sat a wooden bowl full of amethyst glistened in the first  light that had gone inside the Emporium. There was a display of Wooden paddle dolls from Ancient Egypt. Coloured bamboo umbrellas swaying in the breeze hanging from a wooden beam and joining two planks together making the roof seem as though it changes colour. To one side on a hidden shelf lay some jewellery waiting to be stolen – they were worth lots of money. Pure white arctic foxes played happily as their fur swayed in the gentle breeze. But what interested Luna most of all was the ancient tatted leather bound book. The writing seemed to beam alive and the letters swarmed like an angry hive of bees forming pictures in her mind. 


‘’I see you found my book of wonders,’’ whispered a voice angrily.

Luna froze. She slammed the book shut and slowly looked up at the owner. She was an old woman who had wrinkles covering her forehead and her thunder eyes shimmered like lightning. On her shoulder sat a rainbow parrot that shook its head disapprovingly. 


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