Chapter 1 poppy’s discovery

Poppy’s mum had always been curious about the Emporium.One hot summer Poppy was walking down Chrissy road because her mum told her to pick up a parcel. She walked past the Emporium when she saw that the door was open with a little kid going crazy.Poppy  was so excited without her mum knowing she stepped inside.


Everywhere she looked it was packed like a party.She saw shiny diamonds and then saw a rusty, musty crusty book. Poppy smelled there air but then a swift of gucci perfume swayed past.She could hear people talking and screaming but she just ignored them.She saw ancient glasses, and clocks she new all about ancient facts she is a very smart little girl.She saw a very strange statue that had some artifacts,toy bottles and toy babies.Poppy saw a book of wishes she opened it it was like the pictures was coming out of the book.


Poppy looked up than looked back at the book

“I see you’ve found my book of wishes little missy.”The old woman said.Poppy ran but the woman slowly put her arm around her but what interested Poppy was the cat on her shoulder.

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