Charlotte’s discovery

Charlotte had always been interested and her mother often told her that it will lead her to trouble.One sunny sunday ,the sun was brightly shining , Charlotte was strolling back home but then she suddenly noticed that the Emporium’s light was switched on .Without think about anything she hopped in the emporium.  


Everywhere she stared, it was like a kids dream and something that she wanted to play a stretchy, slinky.She detected a rusty, crusty bookshelf  broken to bits and loose ,torn pages weakening up. 

A chocolate stand with  glining, glowing emerald mermaid scales scattered across the chocolate stand. There was a wooden cupboard after a pistachio green bamboo cupboard . In an old cupboard there were bottles after bottles of Dior Miss Dior and other brands that were shining and sparkling waiting to be used. When I turned around I saw old,dusty toy bears looking like they haven’t been seen or taken care of in years,china vases having dust particles covering every bit of the delicate china and old fashion dresses .Colorful art tools give the room lots of light ,soft ,squishy,fluffy pillows that is softer than a marmalade cat.  In the corner  of my eye, there was Pandora ,Harry Winson and Swarovski jewelry that was made out of 24 carat gold. What made Charlotte think was a book, not an ordinary book, the book of magic.While she peeped through the book the letters formed in her mind . 


“I see you’ve found my book of magic,” whispered a voice.Charlotte turned around shocked she quickly closed the book shut and saw who the emporium belonged to .She was an old woman whose eyes were bright  rosy red.On her shoulder she had a deadly Slow Loris walking down her arm . 

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