Fire pegasus

The fire pegasus is always by volcanoes waiting for hunters to come.So he has food for a night and breakfast the next day.The fire pegass also lives in the volcano near the water,but when hard waves/tsunamis hit.It has to relocate usually by a river but he has to once again relocate after a day cause of hunters. It blows flames when someone comes its kind to them but when its a hunter hes rude and blowing fire.It shoots lasers from his eyes and has fire from volcanoes as his horn.It eats clean fireplaces(sometimes dusty ones when hes starving).


Generally,he lives in the sun he also lives around aton of eggplants,sometimes he eats them but most of the time he doesnt.He is best friends with the water pegasus.helps control the t sunamis sometimes hes to late so the fire pegasus has to relocate


He will very muchly eat eggplants and surprisingly eats sunflowers,roses,lilacs and way more other plants,he also eats there own home/volcanoes fire and also lava clouds.


It looks like fire and a dot for his eye he always camoflaudges with fire and volcanoes.

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