The Nightmare Emporium



There are some places that even the bravest and dumbest people don’t dare to go. The

The Nightmare Emporium was one of them .


Even though the sensational structure’s lights shone throughout christmas and all over holidays it’s twinkling lights, exquisite toys and flowers draped over the door. There were dishevelled petals getting ever closer to the ground but nobody entered. The door was too heathy and the curtains too dull. The crack in the door was too big.


In the busy town, Jim was running. He said he would nether stop. Now, he was too tired and the stall owner was catching up. He had stoll an apple and a loaf of bread earlier and ran. He darted in a door with a big crack. He had entered the emporium. 


Chapter 1:

Inside the emporium was packed with treasures of all shapes and sizes. In the corner, there was a  fish tank. Its frothy water was like sugar in a blender. Exotic fish were thrashing their heads against  the walls, heads lulling like a dog. Caneris screamed as a cat jumped on their cage and started chewing on their eyes. In the corner of the ceiling, a flickering light illuminated a tree with what appeared to be a monkey chewing on a guinea pig’s head as a pool of blood sat stagnant on the floor. Suddenly, the lights flickered out and puppets spelt welcome in each other’s guts.  Jim picked up an old leather bound book laying on the side. The horrors stopped. The lights came on and a voice cackled, “Welcome. I see you found my book of nightmares.”

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