Mysterious unicorn

Mysterious Unicorns are usually found in caves on the far side of the woods and sometimes can be found in abandoned structures like housens,libary’s and hopitals.A outstanding feature about them  is that they can camoflage into other unicorns and their surroundings like a cameleon.


The mysterious unicorns lives in caves you might just think they live in caves cause they like them but the reason is because people don’t enter caves either because they are scared or they think its a bear cave so they don’t enter so they only get found rarely.Now your probley thinking how do they see in the dark well there are two reasons first reason is there horns can glow when they want them too second is they have night vision.

Mysterious unicorns look a bit like evil unicorns they have dark colours for their fur. The colours they can have for their fur, mains and tails are black,brown,grey,dark red,navy blue,dark blue and dark green.Their eyes are brown or greenb but any bright colours are really rare only 10%  have bright eyes so its a small amount of all the mysterious unicorns.


Mysterious unicorns mostly have berries for bushes but they can have other things like blueberries,black berries,apples,raspberries and pears sometimes if they are lucky they get strawberries. Did you know they can eat stones if they are going to starve.

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