Panda Unicorns

Panda Unicorns



You can find them in hot places like Australia, Africa and France. They are normally seen in Australia and France because they like being close to the Ocean.  They are only allowed to be at hot places, so they like to cool down.


How do they live?    Well… they live up in the mountains in caves but not dirty caves (clean and pink). So, you can see that Panda Unicorns are clean. Have you ever seen a Panda Unicorn?  They look a bit like this.  They have a golden horn, black spots and a little rainbow tail.


What do they eat?   They eat raw bamboo, golden fish and two bits of meat.

How much meals do they eat in one day?  They eat one meal a day because if they eat more then one meal a day they could die.


Behaviour:  They are crazy, happy, wild and fast.  Sometimes they are naughty, silly and mean.  You just say, “Come down!” and it will came down.



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