Sometime Emporium By Robert

Have you seen that some people dont see some shops? Most people don’t see the Sometime Emporium. Though it has dark brown bricks and a silver gate which shines at night and glows in the day.


Put the thought of the gate and door just for a moment so we can look at the windows. In the window there was an elf which looked alive. upon the shelf there is a diamond ring and a tear with 3 diamonds on it. The door was dusty and cracked.


The door opened and!


Jane was striding past a shop and he saw the door opening and without thinking he slowly walked in. Jane ,who went to Jayson Academy, was being chased by the bully Nalmanal. Jane was chased by the bully ever since his mother died. Now it is just him and his dad. He went inside then he looked up and saw a unicorn floating down. “Who are you!” shouted mr spink.

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