Southwest Scion

Southwest Scions


The Southwest Scions are the most endangered animal in the world (there is two). It is the most prehistoric animal in the world. It is not a natural animal, but a dinosaur and a marsupial lion combined. The Scions live in the south American rainforest where their enemies are the Jaguar.


Scions have a black head, red sale on their back made for swimming, and ears that can hear from thirty-five miles away! Babies cannot do everything but there are no babies at this time. There is only a male and a female who live 40 miles apart. They eat fish and meat like deer and antelopes.


They do not like prey or predator near their babies. If we want to save them, we will have to move the male scion to the female scion. If it is successful there will be babies and the species will be saved. Remember never to go near a Scion nest.


Harry P5

Oyne Primary





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