The African Leopard

African Desert Leopard

Have you ever seen a Desert leopard? I haven’t seen one yet. The Desert leopard climbs up humongous pyramids in Egypt. First the Desert Leopard would get their sharp claws out and sweep away sand to climb the narrow pyramids.

This creature lives in bright yellow deserts all round Africa.  You will find this creature beside pyramids, flat land in deserts, and little rivers going through deserts.

The African Desert Leopard looks like a snow Leopard but the different is that the Desert Leopard has way more patterns. The baby Desert Leopard starts with five fingers then they will grow when their ten months old to 120 inches. Adults have seven teeth to chomp on. Their enemies’ babies have five teeth, but they will grow to.

Desert Leopards eat camels, rabbits, salmon and monkeys. They eat two animals a day and love their food so much that’s why they’re so strong.

The Desert Leopard hunts in big groups that’s why they have so much beef and meat.  They sound like wolves howling when they attack.

That is the African Desert Leopard. Do you think the African Desert Leopard the strongest animal ever?


Matthew P4

Oyne School





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