The book of mysteries

Kayla had always been a dangerous girl everytime she wanted to go somewhere her mum would always shout at her. One freaky Friday, Kayla was walking down Berry road when something caught her eye. She noticed something about the Emporium. For once,the old rusty door was creaking open and without even thinking twice Kayla went inside.


Everywhere she looked, it was packed with suitcases and boxes full of heavy things that she wanted to see inside.She saw a slimy, slippery green snake hissing as it moved. A shiny lighthouse shines in the room as the flowers are glowing. Several creepy clocks are ticking as the time goes by. On a counter, a bowl of treats shining like glittering crystals. A display of a battle from World War II and two adorable picture frames with puppies inside .Colorful glowing sticks lighting up the night.On another side a pile of clothes that are ripped, covered in sequins and smell like  garbage. A little fish sleeping calmly that had rainbow patterns on it.But what interested Kayla most all she found was an old rusty book. As she read the pages, she realized that she liked this book and understood the pictures and what’s happening.


’I see you’ve found my book of mysteries,’’

said a deep voice. Kayla jumped and she quickly closed the book and looked up at the owner looking scared. He was an old man that looked very crossed. His eyes shined like emerald gems. On his shoulder there was a little black baby kitten meowing at Kayla as he lifted up his eyebrow crossly.

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