The bull emporion

Ash has always wanted to look for the emporium but his grandparents has always warned him to not go. One thunderous Thursday, Ash and his dog went for a walk. Ash saw a shop called the Nowhere Emporium he walked closer  with his dog and he went silently in.


 The place was full of treasures and wonders that he wanted to take. He saw a gold cage with lots of gold hanging like a broken light house, a bat hanging on a cave and a spider hanging on its spiderwebs. His grandparents were worried. Ash looked around, and saw lots of animals in cages. He saw lions, cheetahs and elephants. They were coloured brightly and the roars filled the room.

Ash was looking for things when he saw a bookshelf. He was looking for books he saw a book that was an interesting book that he might like. He looked on the cover it was called the Nowhere

Inporion he was pwite creayus he started to read the book it was full of imaginary thing the he 

Really liked.


  A man came out of the dark. He, well you seem to find my book said the man he was starting to go back to the dark l wanted to stop him but i was too late.


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