The candicorn

The candicorn lives in cotton candy land by the sea of maple syrpe.It lives in rock caves and collects jelly beans to save for the freezing cold winter months for when it is hibernating .

The Candicorn has a giant woolly layer of cotton candy like fur over it to keep it warm .It is about the size of a real horses foot /hoove .

Fun Facts :

  • candicorns poo out sweets and chocolate
  • candicorns are nearly extinct
  • candicorns hatch from eggs that are stored in there mothers horn
  • candicorns eat the shells of there eggs after they have hatched because the egg shells are so sugary
  • they are the most feisty unicorn in the whole of sugar country

The candicorn eats whatever it can and can go five days without eating as they store food in there tails and legs

If you ever see a candicorn it is very dangerous to go near it and very dangerous to report it because it will know and you would ruin there life so they would ruin yours by destroying earth forever . So if you do ever see one never go near it or report it or you know what will happen .

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