The christmas Emporium

The Christmas Emporium




There are sometimes of year that you never want to end. Christmas is one of those. At the Christmas Emporium, the festive season lasts all year.


Even when the summer sun is shining through the window if you can hear tinkling and see Elf dust then you might be trustworthy to wright in the book. So will Zeddy be able to wright in the book let’s find ought.



Chapter 1

One Glasgow morning when the sun was rising, a boy was running as fast as his little legs could go.

His name was Zeddy, and he wanted to get the last toy train in the window, and he was getting chased by bullies, so he ran into the mall.

Zeddy was abought to burst into tears when he looked at the train section,

because a little girl was buying the last train.

Zeddy was so disappointed he did not realise he had gone into a private section of the shop.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks because a very small man stopped him, and he had a grey and leather coat with shiny brown leather boots.

The man said in a croaky voice, you shouldn’t be in here, but why said Zeddy, wait I have seen you before when you were little, haven’t I?

The room was covered in tincle and Christmas trees, candy canes and stockings.

Yea when you were little.

Have you been here before asked the man, Zeddy said yes.

How can you remember?

I don’t know, I remember the Christmas tree there and the stockings there.

Boy you are special, I am.

I will tell, you my name said the man, my name is Sharp.

My name is Zeddy.

Zeddy, can I tell you something this section of the mall is magical, how is it magical said Zeddy.

Well, I have this, Sharp started to stutter Zeddy said what what, well I have this book and if you write in it a room will appear.

You must not write in it at all costs and besides you can’t because I carry it everywhere with me.

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