The Creative Emporium


On the top of an eerie slope stood an empty, crooked emporium that no one dared to enter, it was The Creative Emporium.


Even though lights spread around and there were carvings of happy children on the jet black bricks. Golden Eagle statues stand on the sooty  chimneys with their wings spread. The sign was crumbling into smithereens. Many toys lay on stands outside untouched for years.

It was abandoned until Bob entered it.


Chapter 1-The scroll

Bob has always been inquisitive and was told again and again to mind his own business. One misty day, Bob was ambling back from school when he noticed the window to the Emporium was open. So instead of going back home Bob decided to run down Weary Lane.


The curiosity got the better of Bob and he nudged the down open. When he entered he was breath taken. Bob looked around, Golden ribbons hang from the dusty ceiling, tubes and boxes crammed into the corners, silver drones fly around unattended. Lay on the countertop wasa dust encrusted scroll.


“Didn’t you read the sign!” boomed the Emporium owner.

Bob shrugged.

“I see you found my scroll of likeable things”

The owner wore old torn clothes, greyer hair than a pencil nib and gold encrusted glasses. 

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