The Embercorn

The Embercorn is a rare speices of unicorn . They can spit flames and make volcanoes itcan also make meatorites fall from the sky how ever they can only do this at night . They have flame wings and a volcanic horn.

Embercorns like to live in volcanoes or lava lands this is because they need to drink lava eat dead bushes dry turtels and large rabbits also they need to live near a volcanoe because they can regrow limbs horns and wings. Lava lakes work too .

The Embercorn has all black furr amagma main and tail flaming wings deep red eyes and fire down its back.

The Embercorn has a weird diet it eats dead bushes large rabbits and dry turtels it just drinks lava because  if it drinks water its flames will go out and if they go out then it dies


THE               LIFESTYLE                OF               A              EMBERCORN

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