The Emporium of Mysteries

The Emporium of Mysteries



There are some places that are boring, old fashioned and untidy, but the emporium of mysteries is mysterious, fun and spooky. And it can be spotted easier in the day and night, it also is very enchanting and cool.

Even though at Christmas and the other celebrations the curtains are shut it doesn’t mean he is never going to open the emporium of mysteries. Even though it is one of the most seen buildings it doesn’t mean he is not alive. Even though it is the quietest building it doesn’t mean he has gone somewhere, and he will never come back. No one until Violet.

Chapter 1-How Violet discovered the emporium of mysteries.

Violet had always wanted to go into an interesting shop that had lots of amazing things. Her family often warned her not to go anywhere without asking. One pretty morning, Violet was walking down the road with her mum when she noticed there was a new shop with a massive sign hanging above saying the emporium of mysteries. She noticed the door was slightly open so when her mum was in a different shop she slipped into the Emporium of Mysteries.


She pushed the heavy door open and when she put one foot on the carpet all she could see were beautiful objects stacked up in rows or stacked up as tall as a tower. Violet wanted to touch everything, even the things that she doesn’t even like she was amazed at everything. There were delicate China dolls, golden statues of birds, fluffy teddy bears, colorful lights and a display of old dusty books. Violet looked everywhere, she wished that she had a shop like this. As she finished looking around, she remembered that she could not see the owner of the shop, so she went up to the till and went,

“Hello, is anybody there?” she said softly.

She decided to start to head out of the shop since her mum was probably worried sick about her but before she went, she heard somebody say, “Who is in my shop?” explained the man worryingly.

He walked through the back of the room, Violet jumped. He walked slowly with a rat in his hand “It’s, it’s a shop why can’t I be in it,” she said nervously.

“Because it’s closed,” he said disappointingly. His eyes shined like diamonds, but the rat looked at me disapprovingly. I felt as though a ghost had walked in the room, as the temperature dropped suddenly. I glanced over to the back of the counter and in one of the dep drawers sat a dusty dog- eared book called The Book of Mystical Facts. My eyes seemed to be locked on the book and I couldn’t look away.








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