The Enchanted Emporium

The Enchanted Emporium



There are some memories that just aren’t remembered or can’t be remembered. The Enchanted Emporium is one of those memories. Where you’ll only remember if you’re really trying your hardest not to think of anything at all and that’s exactly what Emily was doing on her peculiar Sunday morning when she ‘found’ The Enchanted Emporium… or did the Enchanted Emporium find her. No-one had ever stepped foot in the emporium since… The Incident.

Although the Russian dolls in the window seemed as though they were whispering to your very soul. Although the glittering shop name could catch you in a trance. Although the smell of cheesy lasagne or the ocean drifted into your curious nose as you walk past. No one wished to enter. All those except Emily.


Chapter 1- Into the Emporium

Emily was always quite adventurous, everyone around her knew it. But sometimes being adventurous can get you into some trouble. Emily was exploring the left side of village with her mate Ben. They rode on their bikes all over, under the bridge, on the bridge sometimes even over the bridge. But… the hill they normally rode down was a bit slippery after last night’s heavy rain and… let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

“Why didn’t you hit the brakes, Ben!” Emily shrieked, annoyed that she had now popped a tyre on her bike.

“Ow I’ve hurt me knee,” Ben whined. “Emily, Emily what are you starring at!”

“What’s that place?” Emily said gazing upon The Enchanted Emporium.

“We shouldn’t go their Em,” Ben said.

Emily got up and said, “Don’t be such a wuss, come on, we can go get me a new tyre.”

Ben then got up picked up his bike and limped off.

“Pff, so dramatic,” Emily she said annoyed. She leaned her bike against the shimmering gates and stepped inside.

As soon as she walked inside, she smelt the powerful aromas of floor cleaner and sweet honey. She could see amazing colours and objects all around her. She watched in awe at complicated train sets circling all over the room, puppets dancing in unison and finely intricately cut masks on the walls, but what caught Emily’s attention most was an ancient looking leather book with a picture of a sun moon silhouette. Something Emily had never laid her eyes on before but somehow seemed familiar. She stroked the leather cautiously and went to open it, but was suddenly interrupted by an eerie voice.

“Who are you? What are doing here? Did you not see the sign, we’re CLOSED!” an old dusty man hissed.

For once in her life Emily was almost trembling in fear.

“Sorry Mr, but umm…the door was unlocked and well I just…I just wanted to find a tyre for mi bike.”

The man proceeded towards the leather book and snatched it. “Little girls like you shouldn’t be medalling with things you don’t understand,” his voice crackled. “Get out of my shop…NOW!”

“But mm m..m…my bi-,” Emily stuttered.

“Your bike will be fine, now leave,” he said, smoke lifting from his ears.

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