The Enchanted Emporium


Have you ever noticed that there are some shops people don’t see? Shops that are always empty or have barely anybody in it. There is a shop very much like this called The Enchanted Emporium. Its strange because every night the bright, glistening fairy light glow amongst the dark sky, and the parrots squawk, but still nobody seems to enter.


As you walk past The Enchanted Emporium you can see towers of big stuffed animals staring at you through the window, or mysterious steaming potions sat on the window sill next to jars of all types of sweets calling your name. You can see a gold glitter bong shooting from a mini cannon on the window sill. The Enchanted Emporium glows like a star in the sky on a cold winter night. 


Even though the Emporium seems amazing, no one seemed to go in until the day the door opened…


Chapter 1


As she was walking past, Charlotte heard the creak of the door opening behind her. She realised as she turned around that there was a glowing shop called The Enchanted Emporium amongst her. With no hesitation Charlotte stepped inside.


Charlotte was being chased by Charlie, who was the school bully. Charlotte’s dad recently died in a car crash, she has just started her new school called Forest Academy. She needed a place to hide and catch her breath. She was standing in the Emporium and couldn’t believe her eyes! She could see glowing lights and a colourful parrot squawking above her head.Charlotte started exploring and suddenly heard the voice of an old man coming from upstairs. She couldn’t help her curiosity and went upstairs but couldn’t see anything…


Charlotte discovered a clear glass door, she could see loads of instruments like drums, guitars and clarinets stacked up in piles. There was a sign on the door saying ‘Music playing at 4:30pm’. She entered the room and all of a sudden heard a big bang. Charlotte was positive she knew where it was. So she went over to the cupboard, opened it and there stood a tall man in a black suit with a black tophat sorting out costumes. “Why are you in my shop?” growled the man with a scowl on his face. She went silent…

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