the Endless emporium

                              The endless emporium


There are some places where no one ever goes one of those places is the endless emporium.


Even though you could smell fresh baked cookies Even though you could hear the whispers of lost souls even though you could see gummy bears that sat at the window


But no one ever entered the endless emporium That was until Baily.


Chapter 1 -in you go!


 One sunny afternoon Bailey was walking down Berry Ave when she noticed something unusual about the emporium.  the door seemed unlocked and the lights were glittering in the sun. She could see diamond windows and teddy bears in them jewels shining in the window without a first or second thought she stepped right inside.


As she looked around she saw a diamond chandelier hung from ceiling so high, hundreds of magicians, a rug of pure Unicorn silk ,a hallway of doors and pathways, a zoo with amazing creatures and by the door there was a wall of chronicles . what interested baily the most was a Lether bound book. she could read out the letters on the book. It said……  The book of magic.


“I see you found my book of magic “Hissed a voice behind her instantly Baily closed the book.

She looked up at the owner she was a tall woman with lips as red as roses and eyes as green as emeralds in her arms was a cat as black as night with red eyes

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