The Everywhere Emporium

Have you noticed how there are some shops that people never pay attention to? Well the Everywhere Emporium is exactly that shop.I don’t know why though because it has glitter that falls from the chimney and beautiful cobweb patterns that form on the ancient door.


Next to the door is a wonderful window display where there is a shelf full with jars of memories, brightly lit stars floating above the shelf and colourful potions bubbling.


But still to this day no one has ever entered the wonderful Everywhere Emporium. Until Harlow walked in not knowing what was about to happen to her…


Looking around she was so confused and was wondering what had just happened.


Harlow, who went to Breckland high school, was getting bullied by a gang of boys. It all started when her parents passed away and she became an orphan.The boys thought that it was funny that she became an orphan and had no parents. Harlow entered the Emporium just to get away from the boys.


She stepped inside with no hesitation. Immediately, she saw brightly lit stars floating around and whispering voices coming from nowhere. A pink phoenix flying around and elves making gifts for the girls and boys if any ever enter. Fairies making pink potions with crystals lie next to them to make sure they don’t stress out. Next to the till there are shelves full with keys that no one knows what they are used for. Under the keys there are pencils that make you spell everything right.


“ What are you doing here!” yelled a voice.

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