The Everywhere Emporium

There are some places your shouldn’t ever enter ,even if it is a dare or a game do not enter.

The Everywhere Emporium is one of them.


Even though ,the emporium is decorated with your childhood dreams and wishes , and the window filled with teddies, toys  and sweets of all shapes and sizes and doves flying in the air into a light of witch you couldn’t see where it was coming from or where it ended.

In the front of the building was a garden , the garden was like a school playground with a set of swings and a slide and a sand pit with a bucket and spade and a toy digger. A path was leading to the door, the path was stones with a wooden barrier besides it blocking of the grass from the stones. The door a wood and was polished with a sight hanging on the door that said “ welcome to the Everywhere emporium “…

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