The Forbidden Emporium

The Forbidden Emporium

In some people far far away, there is a particulary mysterious building that nobody can visit. It was known as the forbidden emporium.

Even though the extrodinary doors were unique and wonderful, even though the ancient windows had a glimpse of magic, even though the house was covered in roses, nobody ever dared to enter, a house of wonder and joy exept one person but no ordinary person a young girl called Emma…

Chapter  One Through the door

One cold winters afternoon, a young girl called Emma was lost. She was coming home from a fashion  garla , her dad would  give her everything she wanted, whenever she needed anything .But on this cold afternoon she was lost, until a bright light was shining in the distance which led her the way.

Emma began to come across a very strange building down Clemintine road. Soon after, it started raining. This forced Emma to reluctently pop into the shop. As she walked in, her eyes widened as the room was so fascinating and wonderous . She looked up to find a massive colony of sea gulls, flying around the roof. In the corner there was a cage that had a trapped rainbow inside. Ajacent to it was a book case what caught Emma’s eye , it made up a picture but one book was out of place. As Emma reached out for the book an old lady grabbed her. But it felt like a soft tissue brushing your shoulder. ” I see you found my book “exlaimed the old hag.                                                                                                                                                                               ” Sorry umm umm I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”cried Emma.                                                                                       The owner shook her head in disaproval as she realised behind her stood thousands of eyes giving her a frightful look.



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