The Haunted Emporium



There are some places that can’t be found when you are looking for them, but when you don’t want to find it, it comes. The Haunted Emporium is like that even though it is an Emporium it is hard to find in the street. The haunted Emporium is found when you’re not looking for it.


Although the lights flicked on and off. Although it wasn’t that scary or haunted. Although it smelled bread and salt and vinegar on fries. Although you saw statues of zombies and ghosts. No one ever entered, no one that was until Josh.


Chapter 1


Josh is always curious to do things, but his dad doesn’t let him. One dark gloomy afternoon there was something unusual was going on with an Emporium, for once the big rusty door was open so he stepped right in.


All he saw was toys like stuffed teddies, soldiers, statues of zombies and skeletons. To one side there was a rack of clothes and a glass tank of fish, miniature size clocktower and a miniature size fortress and china dolls. There was a wonderful pen that caught Josh’s eyes. It could talk and it was very loud. Then Josh heard footsteps coming towards him but they stopped, and the pen stopped. The pen didn’t work again. Josh saw a thick, dusty book that was called the Book of Soldiers and went over to it. Suddenly, he saw a man walking by. So, he went to hide in the isle where he found the book, when Josh couldn’t hear any more footsteps, he came out from his hiding spot and went to get the book. Before he could open it, he heard a noise behind him. It was the man who was walking past him before.


“Hello kid how are you hear the door was locked,” screeched the man.

“Err no it wasn’t,” Josh said shaking and hiding the book behind his back.

“What’s that behind your back?” the man said.

“It’s just a book why?” answered Josh.

“You can buy the book of soldiers it if you want to its only £9.99,” said the man “that’s actually quite expensive isn’t it ratty, ratty is on my shoulder, don’t look confused kid.”

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