The Haunted Emporium

Jonathan had always been into mysterious things, his dad had always warned him he would get into trouble. One stormy day, he was walking down Blackburn Road when he heard a strange noise. He looked behind him and the Haunted Emporium door suddenly creaked open and a mysterious, dark figure scuttled towards him.

The figure dragged him into the shop and disappeared. Inside he saw dolls heads hanging from the ceiling, heard chains rattling and cries for help. Jonathan felt petrified,he couldn’t breathe and his heart was beating quickly. Suddenly, the dark figure reappeared and led Johnathan down into his cellar. The cellar was full of dolls bodies, the bodies which belonged to the dolls upstairs. In the corner, on an old dusty table was a pitch black book covered in bloody fingerprints.but he realised the door was locked the dark figure walked up to Jonathan he was scared so he grabbed the book and ran down stairs so he could hide from the figure and wouldn’t see him. “I see you found my book of horrors” whispered a creepy voice. Jonathan looked up and saw 2 brown eyes staring at him. It was a man with short blonde hair holding a vicious dog.

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