The Intelligent Emporium

The Intelligent Emporium

There are some places that citizens browse in for hours because of how good quality things are or how cheap the things are. But The Intelligent Emporium was not like that. So far no one has turned up Even though, on Christmas eve they carve great detailed trees still no one comes,

At Halloween they add spooky arch ways and stone puzzles. Not even one person notices. At happy new year they have canons getting ready to blow confetti and happy new year snow globes. But still, no one comes At harvest day there were giant pumpkins nearly as thick as a skyscraper, wheat flowing and autumn leaves soaring. But not even one stepping at the front of the outside gate.

Few years later no one still came for days until a loud creak on the outside gate a few loud footsteps were getting close to Intelligence Emporium they a loud creak echoed.

Chapter 1 Marcy at the door
Marcy has been wise and curious girl about the Intelligent Emporium, her ma would sometimes warns her what could happed if she entered the shop. on one windy day when she walked down amphibian road at the corner off her eye she saw the Intelligent Emporium she went to see if the outside gate was unlocked when she taped the gate they swung open and didn’t really think through and walked through the garden as she was getting close she saw dead trees with dangling stone carved cubes with abstract faces. As she takes a step on the stairs the arched doors had a nice piece of art on the door of a giant mossy cube on the hill side.

Then Marcy opened the door and gazed, the games and puzzles placed nicely on the counters every thing was perfectly in place her jaw dropped in amazement and browsed around the store until she was curious about a pale green book sitting on a glass stool she walked over to it and flicks through the pages.

Until ” I see you found my book of equations” whispered the voice Marcy heard the mysterious and voice jumped then nearly tripping about to face plant the floor. She looked up see a wealthy man with wavy blonde hair, a dark green shirt and black trousers he had a little smile on his face and stared right back at her.

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