The intriguing emporium



Although there are strange places where the concept of reality is out of play.

Although items that seem made up in a child’s imagination, well they’re real whether you believe it or not.

This is a weird place like an item you need missing when needed but found when not.

Although you see the doll in the window wave at you, you are not dreaming.


One night a flash woke the town up and a strange place appeared between the pharmacy and bakers.

Then the place has been lost in time people were too frightened to enter and they were right too.

The walls of the strange and mysterious shop filled with crazy products are sinister.

The bricks the color of sun set yet windows as dark as shadows and a sign as beautiful and bright as an exploding firework. just like a moth to a flame.


Chapter 1

The latest customer

Harry had been working hard and was about to get the last five pounds he needed for the new console that was about to come out. Then the clouds went as black as ash and a gust of wind blew the money under a door and without any fear, he shoved open the rusty hinged door and went for the money


When he went in his mind set changed, he was expecting to go in retrieve the money and head home to mum but then he saw something he just couldn’t keep his eyes of a giant mountain of gemstones and as well as the brilliantly beautiful and bright gold and silver bars. Suddenly a short man appeared and said sternly “oi who’s there if you have common sense and can read it said closed for now come back LATER,” “oh, a boy, I thought it was an intruder what’s your name?” he said just coming round the corner “H-h-h-arr-harry it’s Harry,” “Harry said cautiously he thought the man was wearing some unusual clothes for this place and weather and a strange bird on his shoulder which he couldn’t tell if it was a crow or a magpie or a mix the two but he was still astonished from the question and didn’t want to question his strange pet? “So errr? what is this place?” Harry said excited as well as confused “well I can’t tell you for two reasons one I am not wanting to and I forgot,” “what’s that book and why is it covered in vines and thorns?” What book he said throwing it on the floor behind him. “Just go have a good look around and what’s your favorite animal harry is that it yeah Harry that’s your name?” the stumpy shop owner asked, “yes Harry is my name and I like lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs,” “so cats,” yeah basically,” Harry said confused.


Harry started exploring the shop and found a set of giant puppets whose eyes seemed to move, a set of candles whose fire seemed to burn brighter the closer he got and pot which when harry dropped his bottle of water and got it out another appeared. Then he spotted a silk black cloth as black as the night and as soft as doves feather he went behind it and spotted two Persian cats with golden fur and emerald eyes with a reflection as clear as water when he felt the fur it was as hard as steel and as clean as the silk curtain they were hid behind and after he saw them do an array of tricks and poses they return to their cages they became a fine Chinese pair of lucky cats still with the gold and emerald. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes.

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