The Magical Emporium




There are some places that no one ever found it, but it was when you didn’t expect it you would bump into it. Such as the Magical Emporium. Even though at New Years the magical lights, glitter and lots of decoration and other magical stuff. Even though you aren’t really allowed in there, but Devil Dylan went in the Magical Emporium.

Chapter 1

Dylan has always been a troublemaker, but his mum has always been a good person because his mum says he will get into big trouble one dark cold new year’s night and he was walking home from his friend’s house on new year’s road, he sees something bizarre, the magical emporium was open. Even though you’re not meant to go in there, Dylan entered anyway.

Dylan was flabbergasted with what he could see he could just go in and steal something, so he went inside of the magical emporium. There was FIFA 23 for just 99p PRIME the new drink for 31p LED lights for free, Wigan athletic crest/logo for 500p and other magic things.

Even though the door was not meant to be open you could see the sparkly lights, Christmas trees, spikey tinsel on the tree and on the wall lights, on the floor dance floor with Christmas music on a huge speaker, massive tubs of sweets and chocolate like a dream land, a box of animals.

Dylan collided with the owner

Dylan said “who are you “

The magical man with the snake on his shoulder said “I am the owner, who are you “,


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