The majestic Emporium

The majestic Emporium



There are some places where no one ever goes because they might be mysterious.

Even though at Christmas the Emporium is full of sweets.

Even though you can smell the luxurious scent of melted chocolate on the stove what invites you in.

Even though you can touch the majestic feel of the stuffed barn owl.

Even though at night, the walls glistened in the moon light.


But no one ever entered. The doorway. no one that was until Amalie went in.


Chapter 1 –The Majestic Emporium

Amalie was running away from this boy called Manny. she went to the brown, wooden, old door and when she entered the shop the door slammed behind her. When she went in, she saw a yellow bowl full of sweets. The yellow bowl was floating like a submarine. Amalie saw a stuffed lion and a tin of wooden soldiers.

She saw lots of books piled up on walls. Then she saw the book! It had a picture with magnetic golden lines on it. Then she heard loud footsteps in the distant. It was the manager and she said, “What I you are doing in my diary? Sorry, what’s your name? my name is Amalie. That’s a nice name. Thanks? What’s your name. Its scar face as my friend calls me. But my real name is Lottie. she had a black cat on hear shoulder. And a verminous snack. where is your mum and. Passed away.  we are closing now so by see you tomorrow. you might not see me tomorrow because I’m going to my aunt’s house.

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