The mystery Emporium

The Mystery Emporium

There are places that no one can find when your search for them but appear when you least expect it. That is what The Mystery Emporium was like, you couldn’t find it but appeared when you least expected it.




Lily was tempted to go in even though she saw no one go in and people walk past it, she was just too curious and wondered what was inside. The lights glistened in the night sky that said The Mystery Emporium” in a weird looking font. You could smell chocolate and food coming out from the door making it smell delicious all around. She took a few steps forward, looked at it then back at the floor then entered nervously.


Chapter 1- The Mystery Emporium has been discovered


Lily has always been curious and questioned a lot of things her mum says that it could get her in a problem or in trouble. It was one windy, gloomy Saturday in the afternoon, when she was walking when she noticed the sign saying The Mystery Emporium. The door was open (for once). She headed over and put her foot inside one after the other.


It was filled everywhere, she stared full of lots of random things like wonders but only one thing caught her eye it was a book she headed over towards it. Despite there were ancient odd things, strange shape clay things as big as a wardrobe and vibrant stuffed animals. There were also chocolates that welcomed her over as her belly rumbled. A cage full of frogs that were full of mud and a fish tank full of stuff the fishes were swimming through. You could smell the chocolate fountain flying past as the wind blew past right after. You could hear the soldiers moving and marching in the distance. But still the only thing that caught her eye was the book, she was only interested in the book that said the treasured fantasies. She placed her hands carefully on the delicate book until she got a bit of a shock and made her jump.


“I see you have found my book,” stated a creepy man with a big black bird on his shoulder. He looked at her very intimidating and weirdly. He was very old with wrinkles on his face, and you couldn’t really tell if he was moody, or it was just his face. Lily looked back at the book then took her hands off nervously. “Oh sorry,” Lily stuttered. Lily looked back at the man who was now walking away with the strange, menacing crow looking back at her shaking its head judgmentally and disapprovingly.


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