The Mystery of the Emporium

The Mystery of the Emporium




There are some places that cannot be found, but they pop up when you least expect it,

The Mystery of the Emporium was like that.


Even though at Christmas, the lights in the window shine like diamonds. Even though I could smell the short bread biscuits cooking while I could see the presents under the tree. Even though you could hear the laughter from the dining room when I was washing the plates and the cups. Even though I could taste the juicy turkey and potatoes while I can feel the wind going past me. Even though I could touch the lights from the Christmas tree while my friend is putting the star on top.

But no one ever entered. The doorway was too dark and too scary. The Emporium wanted john to go inside.


Chapter 1 – Through the door


John, who liked books and soldiers, was very good at English. He wanted to go for a walk down the shops and he found a new store. It was made from midnight bricks and stood lonely like a lost soul. John was looking at it like he was shocked. The door was open, he thought should he step in there or not?


Nervously, John decided to step inside the lonely shop and was looking everywhere, nobody was there, just john and the worker, the worker said, “THIS STORE IS CLOSING IN 2 MINUTES SO HURRY UP!” shouted the worker, John said, “o-o-ok” (he shivered) John said. So, he looked around and saw very old stuffed animals, he saw two old umbrellas and loads of old books, one was in a safe and he was trying to get in, suddenly the owner had messy hair, he had a parrot on his shoulder, he was in a bad mood an he spotted him, and the owner said, “GET OUT NOW, YOUR BANNED, NEVER COME BACK AGAIN FOR TOUCHING THE SAFE, GET OUT”! shouted the owner. So, he ran out, but he spotted the window that was open, so he got back in.

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