The Optical Emporium

Beyond the Optical Emporium, the bricks sparkled golden like the Sun as its light reflected off its delicate surface. Its walls were like a child’s colourful drawing.

Beside the Emporiums gate, there was a window sill. This outstanding window display had a pyramid of jars and sweets, spitting out scents of cotton candy and chocolate fudge (which were completely untouched).


The window held the colours of the rainbow in a few inches! Although almost all the things there were colourful and magical, there are also some mysterious things like Pots of dust from centuries ago, tears from a giant’s sorrowful eyes and a questionable wizard wand capable of doing crazy things.


Despite all this, no-one ever noticed the Emporium.

No-one that is, until Madi….


Chapter 1:


As she stared blankly at the open door, Madi was enticingly making her decision of whether or not to go inside.

Madi, who is a very intelligent girl, loved to learn new things and was very curious. Despite Madi being able to make friends almost instantly, Olly, who is the school bully at Street-Star Academy, is not very keen of Madi. Disappointingly, this started when Madi’s Mother and Father died in a car crash and she became an orphan at the young age of 12!


Madi slowly approached the door and glanced inside at the wonderland, she stepped back re-watching that moment in her mind.

‘Oh my god!’ she thought to herself.


With no fear or hesitation, she stepped inside. Madi steadily drifted around noticing ancient and magical items caged up in glass enclosures all around her.


Frightened she looked up to see a tall man

“Why are you in here!” the man shouted in a deep voice.

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