The rumours of mystery

There are some places, that not a word has been heard from , the rumours of mystery was a lot like that.despite,the cracked windows steamed with anger . Despite that the shop hasn’t been discovered.Despite there had been rumours of a figure standing outside looking at the moon waiting for the right time.But no one really entered , until a day after , Poppy had gone to the door of lying secrets.


For once, the door was open and without think of it , she stepped inside.She looked around and saw barrels of the most oldest that she encouraged herself not to touch .She identified a string going to the moon and back but she had never seen such a amazing piece of string before , smell of musky spread bit by bit every time she spoke in the world .A miniature  kill layer near the barrels that was from a animal but not any kind of animal a weird one .Poppy could pick up  a faint whisper coming from the walls …

Poppy sneaked through the room of amazement and into a cloudy room white more clouds that Poppy can think of .She spotted a indistinguishable book that looked like it has been used for many occasions, it had a weird front cover with a weird rim both made from a never been seen before wood. Poppy turned the pages and they popped out like spiders that have been trapped for more than she was born for.The letters formed  “ Hello dear  I guess you’ve found my book that not even a different finger print has been touched but now you’ve came …” Until a man walled towards her and stared at her with blood shot eyes and a devious smile….

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