The secret Emporium

The secret Emporium


There are some places no one goes. This is one of them the secret Emporium.


However, the historical memorial still stands . On the window lays an ancient pot of old pirate rum, shining in sunlight like a single gold coin dazzling in the sun.Limo black, spinning doors, crimson, bricks but a broken sign.Behind the ancient pot sat a magpie as black as polished charcoal, with a diamond cage.Many magnificent masterpieces like: the dark egg from a 500 year old platypus. But on this day one kind soul Emily stepped in…


Chapter 1 -Through the door


Emily was trudging  by the secret Emporium and there was an inch of golden light creeping through a crimson door rotating in the breeze. She scouted her surroundings and scurried inside glancing at a circling chandelier glistening in broad daylight but the curtains were unopened .

She waved a curtain out of the way, finding a scroll floating over an unfinished altar. The surroundings were black, a spotlight  as dark as the galaxy but as light as stars. Ruby’s circling in many bright colours glimmering but a figure peered out.”See my deer scroll is not completed but not far from finished.”


Out comes a big skinny man dressed in amethyst robes, a spiky black helmet and a fierce mohawk uprising in flamy orange. His name in flowers imprinted on the robe said “Tyron the scroll travelled up and spun into the spotlight.“ Who are you?” asked Emily.

“I am a lonely but magnificent owner of the Emporium. I have never had a visitor!”replied the man,

“I’m only eleven Mr Tryon didn’t mean to disturb you, better get going.”advised Emily.

“No…No dont go im intrigued someone entered please i must give you a tour!”begged the man.


The majestic man went  and showed her golden and crystal cage a fiery tarantula snoozing off under it was a plain rusted axe but it was not what it seemed.The man called out axe-w and it turned blue with water dripping.But a crate with 5 locks on labelled do not touch or open.

“ What’s that crate?” wondered Emily

“Oh that’s…that’s… nothing but dont touch please let’s carry on.”the man picked up his pace.

“Would you mind slowing down?”panted the girl

“Um…no time to lose!”panicked the man

“I’m going to go now see you tommorow!”Exhaled Emily

“Okay i might need help with stuff.”the man sighed in relief

The girl wondered about that box and wanted to find out what was in it…

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