The six legged flying pony

The six-legged flying pony

Did you know the six-legged flying pony is a girl and is very kind also sometimes goes into outdoor swimming pools and loves dolphin’s she is a great swimmer also has gills for breathing under water she is also very brave when having to fight for life and calm and is very powerful.

The six-legged flying pony lives in the deep blue sky that’s called rainbow land that’s very sunny after a while she comes back down to the ground, and she has a pack of six-legged flying ponies, so she visits them.

The cool six-legged fling pony is very pink and fluffy and has six legs, wings and one eye if you’re wondering why they were used for the war and got shot in the eye.

Did you know these creatures only eat thing’s ending with berry like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and for desert rainbows and clouds and water from the finest.

P4 Kylie Oyne school








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