The Somewhere Emporium



Unlike the bright, tall door there was a window display stacked with many mysterious treats, gummy bears but giant (that are 12 calories)

and the nimbus 3000 sitting still waiting for someone to grab it. The best thing was a steady pyramid of bears, which looked really realistic. The window was completely full of admiring things.


At midnight the building always shines brightly so everyone starts running home. No one ever speaks about it.

Despite the weird Emporium seeming really magical, not a shadow enters, until something happened…


Chapter 1#


Whilst Charlotte was walking past, the door from the Emporium opened but no one was there.

Without thinking she stepped inside.

Charlotte, who attended Abrihem Academy (not too long ago), was being threatened by her teacher. This was so regular -that Charlotte wrote it down on her calendar-. Sadly, the day her parents had a divorce her teacher has been targeting her. As she entered the Emporium there was a phoenix being sold for £10,000.

“Who are you and why are you here?” asked a voice in the darkness.

Charlotte turned around and saw a tall man behind the counter.

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