The somewhere emporium

The somewhere emporium


There are some areas that humans are not supposed to go this is about someone who did enter one of these places


Even though the wondrous framework

Of the emporium It was decorated Is the brightest most beautiful lights the finest most antique old pieces of wool and material it had the feeling Christmas Eve and Waking up With present and the sweetest smell of crisps frying. 

 Although there were amazing component in the shop people never entered The shop, like it would take everything from you The deep velvet red curtains shimmered with the smallest golden sequins. Nobody ever entered until Charlie did


Chapter one 

Through the door


Charlie was speeding down the street rushing to find shelter Charlie The door is open on the Old building that glew up in Golden bulbs, lights it read the somewhere Emporium.

Charlie Curiosity getting the better of this moment, went inside and instantly towards it and looked around the room it was decorated with old antique banners and flags with a golden wallpaper with red stripes golden backyard and black base. There was charlies favourite bird, a blue jay bird. It stood proudly beside the green old toy solders .as Charlie inspected the old scroll a murmured voice hissed

“Cant you read no touching the items”

“Oh s s sorry” a fragile high pitched voice replied. 

As charlie inspected the old man 

He wore a nametag that read Neil.

He had brown hair and a grey beard

He had green fisherman trousers and a navy blue fleece he had a green eye and a blue eye 

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