The suspicious emporium



There are certain places where no one dares to go. The nowhere suspicious was one of those places.

Even though, the lights were always invitingly on as bright as the sun. Even though the windows held beautiful clocks that shimmered like a gemstone. Even though you could smell freshly baked bread or cookies that have just come out of the oven. Even though you could hear a keyboard furiously clicking inside.

But no one ever entered except Steve.

Chapter 1

Steve has always been a mischievous boy and his father always said that it would get the better of him. One Sunday morning he was strolling down the street when he noticed that the door to the Emporium was open for once. So, without thinking it through he stepped in.

Everywhere he looked there were walls lined things like an old antique clock engraved with names. Silver and gold bars just lying there on a neatly organized shelf. A silver tank of fish swimming happily but what interested Steve the most was a dusty old book laid on the counter. As he turned the pages dust flew off them like a bird flying.

“I see you’ve found my book of wonders,” boomed a voice from behind the red velvet curtain. Then a short mysterious man with a black, malicious crow sitting on his shoulder appeared.

“Who are you”? Steve inquired.

“I am the man who owns this shop,” said the mysterious man.



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