The Unkown Emporium


There are some places that no one has ever seen.The Unknown Emporium was like that.Although the doors were bursting with marvellous wonders,the emporium was always shut . Although the lights were never on,it was always red . Although the displays were always colourful, the windows were blacked out . But no one ever entered. No one until that is M Matilda.

Chapter 1

Inside the Unkown Emporium , Matilda caught a glimpse of a gigantic jar with a human in it. A rotten stench filled the arias she took a step into the emporium. From the back room ,Matilda heard a wicked laugh heading her way.She brushed against a barrel full of mysterious plants . As she saw a shelf above her  head,she put her finger on it . As she put her hand down the dust fell off the shelf and into her mouth. It tasted like kiwis.Inside Matilda found a blue gold leather book,a old,short,wrinkled faced lady was hissing “ I see you are in my Emporium .”

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