The Wonder Emporium

Kaly had always been a shy girl and her mother had always told her not to wander off into other people’s houses. One rainy afternoon, she was walking down Sunny Road when the strong wind blew the emporium door open! Slowly, Kaly stepped inside.

She looked all around the shop and saw lots of wonderful things. She saw everyone’s favourite sour sweets in packets on shelves, the most popular toys and a giant strawberry flavoured sour patch kid. There were stars on the ceiling and it smelled like pizza. Kaly could hear chopping sounds. On a shelf Kaly saw a large pink book. It was old and shiny and decorated with butterflies and sunshines. When she picked it up a man was stood behind her and he tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and the man screamed “hey put that down now!”. The old man had a grey beard and he walked with a hunched back and used a walking stick. He had a fluffy red squirrel on his shoulder.

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